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Everybody loves a clean car, there is no better feeling. That is why we are located in the heart of Orange County to serve the best auto detailing around.


We are professionally licensed "paint doctors". With certifications from Ceramic Pro USA, we have ensured that your vehicle will look better than the showroom when our staff gets done with it. With cars being such a major part of our day to day lives, it just makes sense to ensure they are looking their best. Detailing is simply the best way to ensure your car not only looks great but maintains its value.


At Evoke Customs, we understand that vehicles are used for different purposes from person to person, that is why we have designed several detailing packages to fit your personal needs. From your basic interior and exterior detail, to our exquisite Ceramic Pro services, our packages will ensure that you feel like you are driving a brand new car every day, and there is no better feeling than that.

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