Our Design Services

  • Creating your new custom logo

  • Delivery and service vehicles

  • Personal vehicles, motorcycles golf carts and boats

  • Storefronts

  • Wall murals

  • Concrete floor murals

  • Stickers

  • Banners

  • Marketing material- banners, business cards, yard signs

What we do-

From initial concept drawings to final renderings. Our customer came to us with the "before" concept for her new logo that we would be using for her new grooming van vehicle wrap. The drawing was a great starting point for the Evoke design team, as it gave us a very good idea for what she was looking for in a logo and colors. From the "before" drawing below, our designer was able to create the below "after" logo mock up's for her to choose from.


For anyone who has always wanted to have a customized logo for your company, but did not know how to get started, or thought it was too expensing to even talk to an advertising agency, call the designers at Evoke Commercial and find out how easy and affordable creating a custom logo can be. Let the designers at Evoke Commercial help you today in creating your companies new branding!

Before                                     After

Image 3.jpg

We wrap MORE THAN CARS- We design and install Wall Murals and Door Panels for your business location!

Door Wrap Proof.jpg
56x240 Wall Graphic Proof.jpg

The design team at Evoke Commercial has over 20 years of combined experience to take your vision, and create a brand image for your company that will evoke a story of who you are and what it is your company does. We have the talent and experience to create your new company logo, in addition to designing your storefront wall, window, floor or commercial vehicle in a way that makes you get noticed for the ultimate branding experience. 

To start, our design team does something few people do these days, and this is listen to you, the customer. We take the time to understand your needs and your vision and work with you to create the branding that will help your business grow in these challenging times. Beyond listening, we actually employ a specific process in order to create your design, which generally includes the following: 

1. The Kickoff

While seemingly obvious, the first step in any graphic design process is the kickoff. This kick off is a meeting with the customer to obtain details about the business, target audience, specifications, in addition to any other pertinent information, and can be done either in person, via conference call or zoom.  

2. Market Research

Like with the first step, the second step of the graphic design process doesn’t actually involve any designing. Though, this doesn’t make either of them any less important. After a designer has received the brief and knows what the client needs from them, they should embark on some market research. This step of the process involves gathering as much information as possible to help inform your design. This means the direction your design is going to take and all your future decisions relating to the project.

This information could be about the client themselves, what they do, their past designs, etc. It could be the client’s competitor brands and their designs. Or, the target audience and what they do and don’t respond well to. Potentially what is currently performing well in the industry in general. Market Research is essential to gauge what your design should or should not look like.

3. Brainstorming

Up next is brainstorming, a concept that I’m sure you’re already aware of. In design terms, brainstorming is the first step towards deciding how we are going to tackle the client’s request. This means deciding what we are actually going to design for the client. Brainstorming involves putting pen to paper and spontaneously coming up with ideas of how to creatively solve the problem given to us by the client.


The next step in the design process, after brainstorming, is what we call Idea Generation. Thumbnailing is where design actually starts to look like design. Once we have sorted through your ideas, thumbnailing is used to show what these ideas might actually look. Using those essential tools of a designer, a pen and notebook, we can quickly sketch out all the separate elements of what will make up our design—the images, the margins, the body copy, etc. 

5. Concept Development

Once we have brainstormed and thumbnailed, we can begin to clearly see what is going to work and what isn’t and we have to choose what is going to work best to fulfil the clients’ wishes. We eventually whittle your choices down to one standout concept. Based on our initial research and idea generation, we expect our final concept to successfully communicate what our client is looking for. It should also differentiate from what else already exists in the market. We strive to make our concepts unique, memorable, personal to our client and appropriate for the target audience.

6. Visual Exploration

Now we’ve reached step six, it’s time to actually start designing. Well, every step is part of designing but this is the step when a design actually begins to look like what we might eventually present to the client.

7. Concept Refinement

Now it’s time to refine our design into something that we can present to the client. Hopefully creating something that they will love! We start off with a bit of self-critique. Look at what we have designed so far and see if it’s responding well to the clients request. We compare it to our market research- we ask ourselves, 'Is it applicable to your target audience?' 'Does it stand out enough amongst its competitors?'

Once we have answered these questions and any others that we think are relevant, we head back into your design programs and start tinkering once again and keep tinkering and refining the design until it not only looks perfect, but until we believe it is hitting the mark set by the client.

8. Client Feedback

This is the most exciting part of the design process—the initial presentation of what we have designed for the client.

9. Revisions

Once we receive feedback from the client, we head back into the studio and work to enhance upon the clients feedback in order to create the final design that meets our clients needs. 

10. Client Approval

I take back step 8, as this is the most exciting part of the design process! Once revisions have been made, it’s time to present our final design to the client. Depending on the client, this presentation could be made to an individual or a team of people. Sometimes it’s even made to the big dogs, like Directors or CEOs.

Though, no matter who we are presenting to, we are looking for them to say ‘Yes! We love it!’ A saying that has become magical to the ears of our designers. Once our client is happy, we are ready to continue moving forwards towards production. 

11. Final Delivery

Now that the final designing is done, on a print project, we must now work behind the scenes to create the settings for things like bleed, slug, crop and fold marks so it’s ready to be printed. Though, there are certain final specifications for all sorts of designs. If the client has an in house design team, then the likelihood is you’ll send over your working files. So they are able to access them and use them for whatever they have planned. If not, chances are you’ll be sending the designs over as packaged PDFs (or whatever file type has been requested) so your designs are all ready for the final stage of the design process.

12. Production

Once we have finished all the other steps, our design has been finalized, approved and packaged, and it’s time for the actual production to begin. The production will differ massively depending on what the design actually is. If you got this far, I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our designing process here at Evoke Commercial. If there are any questions you may have regarding our process, or how we can help you with your designs for you business, please give us a call. We would be glad to help!

Sample print for vehicle wrap on our Roland printer.

Vinyl print, custom vinyl print, fleet wrap print

Roland printer taking a break before the next big print job!

Roland printer

Sample of high quality vibrant print for a boat wrap. Reds pop in 3D!

Boat wrap, flag wrap, vinyl wrap, vinyl wrap install

One of our designers working at the print station.


A quick sample of our Roland printer printing a custom designed vinyl car wrap!