Nobody likes traffic here in Southern California 

However, use your time in traffic to your advantage! Fleet wraps make it possible for you to promote and advertise your business for free, directly in markets you service. With more and more vehicles out on the roads, setting yours apart is an important marketing tactic to help generate new leads versus the competition.

Why Fleet Wraps? 

Wraps let you take advantage of bumper to bumper traffic and let wandering eyes see your business name, phone number and what services you provide. In fact, here are some statistics about fleet wraps:

  • The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) found that fleet wraps are the lowest cost per impression in the advertising sector.

  • Fleet wraps have an average of 40,000-91,000 impressions per day depending on location and driving time.

  • The average American Commute is now 31 miles each way

  • Over 90 percent of media placed towards drivers gets noticed

There is nothing more important than making a great first impression. A commercial wrap not only is a rolling billboard, but also shows that you are a professional company that has taken the steps to set yourself apart from competition


Still not convinced?

  • Vinyl Wraps will make any vehicle look brand new.

  • Brand recognition is made easy by making all your vehicles look the same, this causes clients remember you the next time they need your product or service.

  • If you ever decide to update your company logo, get a new truck, or simply need a new design, peeling and redoing a wrap is much more cost effective and efficient than painting.

Commercial Wrap Process


The wrapping process is quite simple for you as a client. We have created a system to make sure you get the best design possible to attract new clients, all while getting fast turnaround times. We will speak with you about your company, colors, themes, vehicle, what elements you would like and your main purpose. After that, our design team will come up with a render of the design tailored specifically for your needs, once this is completed you will see and advise if any revisions need to be made. Once design is final, it will be printed out and laminated in house.

  • Evoke Customs Fleet division has a full team of designers, media managers, and installers.

  • Unlike many other shops, we do all of our printing in house, the printers used to print bigger graphics can cost tens of thousands of dollars, thus other shops will outsource the work resulting in cost being driven up. We have a full print and lamination room at our facility to ensure everything is as timely and cost effective as possible.

  • 3M and Avery Dennison Certified installers will then prep, and install your graphics onto the vehicle. Our extensive training and experience ensures you get a flawless job while not affecting your vehicles original finish. 

Final logo installed for customer with new catering van.