Commercial Wrap Process


The wrapping process is quite simple for you as a client. We have created a system to make sure you get the best design possible to attract new clients, all while getting fast turnaround times. We will speak with you about your company, colors, themes, vehicle, what elements you would like and your main purpose. After that, our design team will come up with a render of the design tailored specifically for your needs, once this is completed you will see and advise if any revisions need to be made. Once design is final, it will be printed out and laminated in house.

  • Evoke Customs Fleet division has a full team of designers, media managers, and installers.

  • Unlike many other shops, we do all of our printing in house, the printers used to print bigger graphics can cost tens of thousands of dollars, thus other shops will outsource the work resulting in cost being driven up. We have a full print and lamination room at our facility to ensure everything is as timely and cost effective as possible.

  • 3M and Avery Dennison Certified installers will then prep, and install your graphics onto the vehicle. Our extensive training and experience ensures you get a flawless job while not affecting your vehicles original finish. 

Final logo installed for customer with new catering van.