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Paint Protection Film

It pays for itself

Cars hate rocks, however our roads are full of them. PPF is an absolute no brainer to protecting your investment.

Exposed paint is one of the weakest links of your entire vehicle. Go ahead and take a look at any car on the road without protection and you will find heavy swirl marks and rock chips that have gone through the paint layer. All of this will devalue the car when it comes time to trade-in/sell. This is why paint protection film is the single best thing you can do to not only preserve your car's original paint but also keep money in your pocket by avoiding costly paint repairs, which will diminish your car's value even more. Our factory-trained certified installers only use the best films from Ceramic Pro, offering unmatched protection and warranty. We cannot stress it enough to get this done as soon as possible, another day on the road can lead to another rock chip or more swirl marks. Ceramic Pro Kavaca is an optically invisible film that not only will protect your paint. but also fills in any current imperfections to give a perfect finish. Its self-healing technology means gone are the days of the swirl marks, as they will come out with heat from the sun.

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What is kavaca

It's like magic

Kavaca by Ceramic Pro is the industry's first and only instant self healing and perfectly optical film.

Kavaca has been in the works for a while, and the reason for this is to eliminate concerns that both consumers and installers have with other industry leading products. With other films, consumers might find a rubber like texture and feel whereas Kavaca provides a perfectly clear surface along with a painted feel. This is because every roll is treated with Ceramic Pro's special ceramic coating formula, this not only achieves a high gloss finish but makes the car hydrophobic along with dust resistant. Kavaca is also the only instant self healing film in the world, where with other films you need heat or special treatment to achieve healing, Kavaca literally cannot get scratched, watch the video below to see scratches disappear right before your eyes. Combined with the impact resistant properties of the film, you get a surface that is protected from every element the road has to throw at it. This film has more tricks up its sleeve, a specially formulated adhesive will also fill in all swirl marks, surface scratches, blemishes, and scuffs to give the surface a paint corrected look. We have worked with every brand of paint protection films, and we can confidently say Kavaca is the industry leader in clarity, protection, and ease of install.

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